Irvine Kumon: The Barranca & Campus Centers

Celebrating over 30 Years of Excellence in Irvine Education!

Meet Janie Choi, the proud owner of two Kumon locations in Irvine.  With a rich history spanning over 30 years, Janie’s dedication to education and her commitment to helping children succeed have made her a respected figure in the community.

Janie opened the doors to her first Irvine Kumon center in 1990 with the hopes of helping her own two children excel in their education, then in pre-school and 2nd grade.  Her son went on to Stanford then UCSD Medical School, and her daughter went to UCSD and on to The University of Michigan Law School.  Mrs. Choi never imagined, however, that she would end up helping not only her own kids, but thousands of students in Irvine with their Math and Reading over the decades.  Janie went on to establish her second Kumon center in South Irvine in 2004 on Campus Dr.

Today, Janie’s two Irvine Kumon centers are one of the most established and experienced Kumon centers in all of North America.

Through many years of growing pains, Irvine Kumon has learned how to adapt to meet the educational needs tailored specifically towards the students in Irvine and OC’s academically rigorous atmosphere.  Through our years of experience and with the dedication of our students and parents, we have helped thousands of students of all ages and levels achieve their academic goals and ultimately become better learners—a skill our students utilize through college and the rest of their professional lives.

In 2020, Irvine Kumon celebrated our 30th year of excellence in education! The same year, we learned how to swiftly adapt our centers to the ongoing COVID pandemic, and are now offering both in-person & virtual classes!

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MC kumonJanie's then-preschool daughter Michelle doing her Kumon in 1990.  
Family MC Grad.bmpJanie pictured with her husband,  California Assemblyman and former Irvine Mayor Steven Choi, 
with their two adult children Daniel and Michelle.  
Daniel graduated from Stanford and UCSD Medical School, and is currently 
an anesthesiologist at Kaiser. 
Michelle graduated from UCSD and The University of Michigan Law School (ranked top 10 in the nation), 
and is a licensed attorney in California.  Michelle is now helping Janie run the
Irvine Kumon centers after having practiced business litigation in Irvine. 
Both of Janie's children attended Irvine Kumon from elementary & preschool through high school.

Kumon: The World’s Largest After-School Learning Program

Math & Reading for Preschool through 12th Grade Students

Kumon began with a parent’s love. Determined to help his eight-year-old son, a math teacher named Toru Kumon developed the materials and guiding principles of the Kumon Method.

Today, in 48 countries and regions on six continents, Kumon is helping millions of children succeed in the classroom and in life. It can help your child, too.

The Kumon Method empowers children to become self-learners, and helps them achieve more than they ever thought they could. Each time our students tackle and overcome a new challenge, their confidence grows.

Kumon puts them on the path to becoming the confident, independent, self-reliant people all parents hope their children can be.

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