Existing Parents

In light of the rising COVID-19 cases, we are offering Zoom-only classes for the time being. Because the stay at home order has been lifted, we expect to reopen in-person classes on March 1st. We are monitoring the OC vaccination distribution plan closely, and hope to have all our teachers fully-vaccinated as soon as possible.

Updated January 29th, 2021


Updated September 22nd, 2020

In-Person Class Info

  • In-person classes are now available by appointment at Barranca and Campus Centers

    Barranca Center In-Person Sessions: Tuesday and Thursday, 2-7 PM
    Campus Center In-Person Sessions: Monday and Wednesday, 2-7 PM
  • Absolutely no Walk-Ins. Request in-person appointments using the blue link above.

    We are offering up to two sessions per week, 20 minutes per subject for in-person center visits.
    Online sessions are still available by appointment.
  • Mandatory Center Safety Precautions

    1. Face masks and personal pencils are required for all students coming to our centers.
      Quality, washable children’s cloth masks can be purchased here. Use discount code “KUMON15” for 15% off!
    2. Temperature checks will be conducted on every individual entering the center using contact-free thermometers.
    3. We no longer have a parent waiting room. Please wait for your student in your car or in the courtyard; we’ll text you when they are done.
    4. Desks and surfaces will be sanitized between appointments. Our doors will remain open for optimal airflow, and cleanings are scheduled throughout each day.

Online Session Info

  • Online Zoom Sessions & Curbside HW Pickup remain available until further notice.

    Keep an eye out for more future updates on these systems.
  • Reduced Student-Teacher Ratio:

    ensuring high-quality, teacher-led online learning sessions for your child.
    Kindergarten and Below: 1 to 1 session ratio. One student, one teacher.
    First Grade and Higher: 2 to 1 session ratio. Two students per teacher.
  • Updated Homework Request System:

    click on your center to learn about its contact-free homework system.
  • Campus & Barranca Center Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

    Hours of operation may change in the coming weeks as the pandemic progresses.
    Fill in the green form here to see available online session times.
  • Unsure how to set your computer up for your online sessions? Click the link below to see our guide.

Click one of these appointment links to sign up for online or in-person sessions.

Last Updated by David Wu 1/29/2021