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Irvine Kumon: COVID-19 Update

Despite the coronavirus outbreak, Irvine Kumon: Campus Center and Barranca Center both remain open and fully operational through 1:1 and 2:1 remote learning sessions and our new contact-free homework exchange system. We are offering daily homework, accompanied by online Zoom class sessions or in-person classes!
For the duration of the outbreak, both centers will be open Monday – Friday, from 9am to 5pm. These are not our usual hours, as Kumon is typically an after-school program—timed such that working parents could accompany their children to our centers.


Schedule Your Parent Orientation

Get started with us by signing up for your Parent Orientation and Student Testing (conducted on Zoom). Use the form below to set up a free, one-to-one student assessment!
Please text/email us if you have any questions!
Barranca: (949) 651-1200   |   Campus: (949) 854-6284

About Our Program

Is Kumon right for your child?

For 30 years, Irvine Kumon has proudly supported a wide range of learners with diverse ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Our math and reading programs cover content from preschool to 12th grade—from counting to calculus, phonemics to Shakespeare. Click here to learn more about the Kumon Method!

Our program may be perfect for your child if he or she is…

  • a young learner for whom you want to provide a jump-start in learning foundational skills.
  • falling behind and needs additional practice with a teacher who will provide consistent, timely feedback.
  • a student with average to excellent grades—ready to push their academics & depth of understanding to the next level.
  • searching for an individualized program to help identify & address “holes” in their mastery of prior math/reading concepts.
  • in need of a structured program that will help establish & reinforce healthy academic routines.

Learn more about what we can do for your child by scheduling a free
Parent Orientation & Student Assessment!

Prospective Parents’ FAQ

Q: At what age can my child start at Irvine Kumon? How early is too early?
A: Many of the students at our centers started Kumon at the age of 3 – 3.5. However, we have accepted students as young as 2.5 years old. As soon as your child is potty trained and can understand basic directions, he or she is ready to join! The importance of prekindergarten education today cannot be overstated.

Q: Is every Kumon center the same? What’s special about these two centers?
A: No. Kumon is franchise-owned, so while all Kumon centers have the same educational materials, each center is owned, staffed, and operated differently!
      The two Kumon centers owned by Janie Choi (Barranca and Campus) are longstanding bastions of excellence among the Kumon centers in Irvine. Janie Choi established the first Kumon center in Irvine on Barranca parkway back in 1990, providing over 30 years of educational service to the community. Then in 2004, Janie established the Campus center near UC Irvine.
      We have witnessed and adapted to 30 years’ worth of evolution in educational policies, standardized testing, technology, and college admissions. Through it all, we’ve helped thousands of kids practice the skills they need to become better writers, readers, mathmeticians, and ultimately, better learners.

Old Photo

Janie Choi during her earlier years at Kumon.

Q: How long will it be before I see results in my child’s progress?
A: Kumon is designed to be a long-term program. While your student’s confidence in math and reading will grow every day with practice, the greatest benefits of Kumon typically become apparent after one year. Every Irvine Kumon student will be able to advance beyond his or her grade level with patience and dedication. Like with sports and music, there is no such thing as a short-cut to success!

Q: How do I enroll my student at Irvine Kumon?
A: Use the form above to schedule a free one-to-one Zoom session with us for your Parent Orientation and Student Testing. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, prospective parents would join us for an in-person Parent Orientation and Student Testing at one of our centers.

Last Updated by David Wu 8/21/2020