HW Requests – Campus

(Barranca Students: the following info is not for you! Please visit the Barranca HW Request page.)

2022 HW Exchange Instructions

for Campus Center

  • Please request HW when you are running low – please do not wait until you are completely out.
  • All HW requests received Monday – Thursday will be AUTOMATICALLY ready for pick up outside the Campus Center 24 hours after your submission.

You are always welcome to text us at (949) 854-6284 for a status update on your homework request.

  • Any requests received on Fridays will be fulfilled the following Monday after 5pm. Thank you for understanding!
  • We’ll place homework outside the Campus Center in alphabetical order by last name.
  • Drop off graded & completed HW with Last name, First name in the dropbox when you pick up your child’s HW.

Unsure of when/how to grade HW? Click here for our home-grading walkthrough.

Last Updated by David Wu 6/24/22