Online Session Set-Up Guide

Learn how to prepare yourself, your child, and your devices for online sessions.

If you wish to sign up for online appointments, click here.

Let’s walk through all there is to know about online sessions.

Setting Up For Online Sessions


  • After signing up for a session, you’ll receive an email confirming the session time.
  • You will receive another email the night before or morning of the scheduled session.
  • This email contains the new link to your child’s session. Please check for this email in your spam folder.

If you can’t find the Zoom session link for an upcoming session, you must contact us at least one hour prior to the start of the session.

Attending Online Sessions

  • join the Zoom session at least two minutes before the start of the session.
  • have the day’s homework on hand, ready to do with the teacher during each session.
  • Older students should also have all questions about the homework prepared beforehand.

  • be close by and available during the session, especially for younger students.
  • help ensure that the camera shows the students’ paper during the session.

…show up with nothing to work on. Let our teachers do the majority of the homework-monitoring.
…show up late to a session. Each session has a strict end time to ensure the next session starts on time.
…forget to bring a pencil and eraser. Every minute is precious, so come prepared!

The Homework System

What you should do with your child’s homework outside their sessions

  1. Grade your child’s homework as soon as it’s done!
  2. Click here for our home-grading walkthrough.
  3. Request new homework for pickup by filling out your center’s HW Request form.
  4. Click on your center to learn its HW Exchange System and fill in request form.
  5. Drop off graded, completed homework at your center as you pick up new homework.
  6. Make sure your child’s name is clearly visible at the front of the packet!
Last Updated by David Wu 6/19/2020