In-Person Appointments

Sign up for in-person sessions at Barranca or Campus Center using the blue form below.

In-Person Class Info

  • Sign up for In Person Classes, up to 2x per week (20 min per subject for all students)

  • Barranca: Mon, Tues, Thurs 2pm-7pm. Saturday 11am-1pm.
    Campus: Mon, Wed, Thurs 2pm-7pm. Saturday 11am-1pm.
  • Homework exchange occurs each class visit.

  • Absolutely no Walk-Ins!

Sign-Up Form for In-Person Sessions

In Step 3: Confirmation of this form, please hit the “Register for an Account” button if you have not done so already.

Booking multiple siblings at once?

2 children, both 1st Grade and up… Book both in a single session (i.e. Jane and Alice Chang at 5:30)
3 children, all 1st Grade and up… Book two children in one session, one child in another (i.e. Abby and Bobby Smith at 5:30, and Cammy Smith at 5:40.)
1 child Kinder or younger, 1 child 1st Grade and up… Book sessions separately.
2 children, both Kinder or younger… Book sessions separately.

Need help booking a session? Please text us!
Barranca: (949) 651-1200   |   Campus: (949) 854-6284

Last Updated by David Wu 7/22/2021