Home-Grading Guide

Students need timely feedback on their work in order to best-learn from their mistakes.
Thanks for taking a few minutes each day to perform this crucial step.

Home-Grading Walkthrough

Make sure you have the answer key! Contact us via text or email if you can’t find it.

  1. First check: In red, put a slash through the number of each incorrectly-answered question. Write the total number of missed questions at the front of the packet, and circle it.
  2. Have your child go through the packet again and fix their mistakes.
  3. Second check: In blue, circle the number of each problem that has been fixed correctly. Once the entire packet has been corrected, draw an arrow downward and write 100% to show the student has done all corrections.
  4. If there are any questions that your child is having trouble with, mark them to be asked during an online session!

Still confused about home-grading?

Click here for a video tutorial (starts at 1:08).

Need a quick sample of graded HW?

Click here to see a properly-graded packet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I be home-grading my child’s work?
A: Immediately after your child is done with their homework. Students best-learn from their mistakes when the mistakes are pointed out and corrected without any delay!

Q: Do I write a score for each individual page, or one score for the whole packet?
A: One score for the entire packet. For example, you should only write -5 once on the front page of the packet if your child missed five questions throughout the whole packet.

Q: What if my child is still having trouble with a question after two tries? What do I do with their second, incorrect response?
A: Incorrect answers should be worked on, by the student, until they reach the correct answer! Only then should you proceed to circle the question in blue.
If your child is having lots of trouble with a particular concept or question, write it down to discuss with a teacher in class (online session).

Last Updated by David Wu 4/21/2020