Online Appointments

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Please make sure you have read through our online session set-up guide!

What to Expect

    • Students will do their assigned Kumon packet(s) for the day live in front of the Zoom Teacher.

You do NOT need to have your child complete their HW before their Zoom Session.

  • The teacher will grade your student’s work & go over any mistakes or questions your student may have.

  • The Zoom teacher will also go over fact sheets, oral reading, and any new concepts if applicable.

Online Session Info

  • Online sessions limited to 1x a week per student at reduced 2:1 ratio.

    Contact-Free HW Exchange is still in effect. Keep an eye out for updates on this system!
  • Reduced Student-Teacher Ratio:

    ensuring high-quality, teacher-led online learning sessions for your child.

    Kindergarten and Below: 1:1 session ratio (one student, one teacher). 15 min per subject. Mon-Fri 11am-5pm.

    1st Grade and Higher: 2:1 session ratio (two students per teacher). 20 min per subject. Mon-Fri 11am-7pm.

  • Updated Homework Request System:

    click on your center to learn about its contact-free homework system.

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Make sure you have read through our online session set-up guide!

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Last Updated by David Wu 7/22/2021